Help us keep our community safe!

Dance Etiquette

We do not permit intimidation, harrassment, or abuse of any kind

• Respect everyone’s physical boundaries. Do not engage in inappropriate or unwanted physical contact. Be sensitive to other people’s personal space, including dance floor space and physical proximity. 

• Apologize for accidental unwanted physical contact. Accidental contact ranging from kicks, collisions, stomped-on feet to butt grabs and boob grabs do happen on and off the dance floor; sincerely apologize if it happens and we can all move on. 

• Respect everyone’s personal and emotional boundaries. You’re basically attending a party where there’s a lot of people you don’t know. Avoid highly charged and sensitive topics as you get to know people in the scene; like in any social situation, save those topics for when you know a person better. Also, do not make unwanted advances and be attentive to how an individual is responding to you, including their body language. 

• Respect human rights. Be accepting of the diversity of people, values and lifestyles that come with a vibrant dance community. 

• Be welcoming! You might have a core group of dance friends, and it’s absolutely fine to enjoy them! But do your best to dance with and be kind and welcoming to everyone. Snobbery, cliques, and intentional social exclusion are toxic to the BKS YXE community. 

No soliciting without approvals

We need to set boundaries for our community and create a sense of fairness among our dancers. This applies to soliciting, and political or religious agendas; social movements; your house party; other dance groups and events; petitions; lobbying; and advocacies. That said, we should be able to quickly and easily approve most things within reason. 

Inclusive with a Respectful environment

• Do not bring or consume outside alcohol, Marijuana or other drugs on the premises

• Be considerate and respectful to the BKS YXE volunteers.

• Mind our stuff and spaces. Misuse of anything BKS YXE owns/rents/leases cannot be tolerated. This includes any building, dance floor, equipment, fixtures, and furniture. This also includes observing private vs. public spaces within BKS YXE current location. 

 • Look out for, and report, any manipulative or predatory behaviour. It is important for us as a community to watch out for one another and ensure safety from those who have abusive or manipulative tendancies. 

• Report any misconduct, including verbal or physical misconduct or harassment, to BKS YXE members. 

How to report

• The individual at BKS YXE who deals with Code of Conduct violations, incidents, and safer space policy is Miguel Canal. You may contact him at any time during the events. You can also approach any taxi dancer or the DJ and they will direct you to the person in charge at that time. You can also email us at:

• Please consider these helpful resources for any distress you may have experienced, crimes, or serious code of conduct violations: Reporting to Police at 306-975-8300 if a crime has been committed and you feel safe and comfortable doing so, report it to 911 if you need to talk to someone right away. Saskatoon Sexual Assault and Information Centre – Sexual Assault Crisis Line – 24/7 Hours 306-244-2224

“Hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon.”
Edward Lear