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Taxi dancers

BKS YXE Taxi dancers are volunteers that help welcome newcomers. Their primary responsibilities include dancing with newbies, and those less confident in their dance skills, as well as approaching people that are new to our community. They are not necessarily the most advanced dancers, but have the ability to make the people around them feel safe, comfortable, and included. We want everyone to have the opportunity to dance and have a sense of community, no matter their experience or skill!



“Dance has brought me a sense of community that I have experienced nowhere else!”


“Dancing at the river is the closest feeling to a paradise, where everybody is kind and enjoy life sharing with others”


“It would be really hard to live in Saskatoon if we did not have the joy that this dance community brings”


“I feel more connected with life with the beautiful moments dance can create”


“Only the passion for dance and music could bring all these people together”

2019 Taxi Dancers' List:

Alissa, Ashley, Barry, Betsy, Debbie, Doug, Gabriel. Karla, Keith, Kyle, Lacy, Leah, Leo, Lydia, Mark, Miguel, Nicole, Susan, Tamela, Taylor

The Application Process

Do you want to give back to your dance community? We are currently accepting taxi dancer submissions! If you are interested, please apply by April 1, 2020. Click here:

taxi dancer


taxicar circle v3
“Everybody can dance, it's the drive and passion that makes you a dancer”